For Sale: Peter Reid’s 2005 Specialized Transition

Heather and I thought that maybe this bike would work for her when Peter put it up for sale. No such luck, the drop was a bit much and we didn’t want to mess around with finding a new stem to make it work. If anyone out there is looking for a new bike, this one’s for sale with a bunch of extra gear: 4 Aero bottles, Custom Carbon Zipp 303’s and wheel bags, specialized matching jersey, a beanie, and of course top of the line carbon components. It was used in Hawaii 2005 by Peter himself. He shipped it down from Squamish to see if it would fit. It’s currently sitting with Clint Lien in Victoria. He’d be happy to let you check it out if you’re interested.

Here’s a side profile of the bike:

And the carbon cranks:

And all the extra gear you would get if you bought the bike for the low price of $2,200.00 (To be confirmed, but I’m 90% sure this is what he was asking):

Definitely had to include a picture of the bike in action:


~ by trevorandheather on February 6, 2008.

One Response to “For Sale: Peter Reid’s 2005 Specialized Transition”

  1. I WANT THIS BIKE!!!!! Peter Reid is my Idol and ive been looking for a transition like his forever so this is more than perfect. What size is this bike?

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