Christmas Time

About to get chilly at the Vancouver Half Iron in September

It’s the middle of December and things are feeling good. I’m not killing myself, simply getting back into the consistency of training every day. The long sessions have definitely been lacking but I can tell it won’t take long to get back into the long stuff. Endurance is still kicking around. Come January things will start ramping up. I’m a numbers guy and love trying to better my previous years volume. Looking back now, I really hit some big weeks last year, it’s going to take some gumption to push through that this year. Winning the lottery and cutting back on work hours would help in a big way.

I’m fairly certain I’ll only be doing one full Ironman next year which won’t be until August at Ironman Canada. In place of the hurtfully long training days in March and April, I’ll most likely throw in less volume (Not much) and more intensity with the intention of hammering out some fast races at Ironman 70.3 Idaho, Lake Stevens and the Long Course Nationals wherever that may be.

Unfortunately Heather has come down with a couple flues and colds in the past few weeks. That, combined with too much work, a few nagging injuries that are finally starting to heal, naturopath appointments, heat stress tests, annoying husband, and good ‘ol Christmas getting in the way she’s had her share of frustrating days this past while. None the less, she’s been keeping some training consistency, which in my opinion is really the only important thing at this time of year.

On another note: If you want great weather, the best thing to do is buy a Computrainer!! Last year was a disaster, the wet and snowy days started to wear on our nerves so we had to make the purchase for this winter. Hello sun and dry roads! I’ve still been jumping on the CT for some quality rides. It’s much easier and less time consuming to get in a meaningful ride when you control every variable. Getting rid of the downhills and maintaining a good consistent HR is SWEET.

We’re also hoping for a sponsorship to come through from New Balance. If you’ve read Jonathan Caron’s blog lately you’ll know from his experience that Heather and I should be getting flown out east on a private jet very soon. From there, they’ll wine and dine us in the hopes that we’ll sign for them. Haha, dreams.


~ by trevorandheather on December 12, 2007.

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