Heat Test 2 and the Flu

That rhymes.

So in case you haven’t noticed Trev and I tend to egg each other on a fair bit; I mean offer each other support and encouragement. He writes a post, I feel like a slacker and need to write a post. I do 5000 in the pool he feels like a slacker and cranks up the volume (then we read Jonnyo’s blog and we both feel feeble).

Anyway, I did my second heat test last week and thought I should write a little somethin’ somethin’.

Had the ice vest again, but the ambient tent temperature felt much much hotter. There was a kettle boiling in the tent to keep the humidity up and after about 14 min hard effort I felt like my head was going to explode. My HR started racing and I got the old “how are you doing?” (which is code for “you look like shit and have slowed down a lot, talk about it…”)

“I feel awful, really claustrophobic, not the heat so much but the humidity, I would really like a breeze on my face… ” (this all came out in moist, disjointed fragments).

“oh well, we can turn the fan up”

in my head: “WTF!!?? this was a option all along!!??; aloud: “Yes please! oh and can you tilt it up so it hits more than my shins?”

“sure thing”

Shit yo!
I was good to go after that.
That warm breeze on my face made a WORLD of difference. Yay convective cooling. Copious amounts of sweat does do something if it evaporates!
Finished the last part of the test strong and felt enlightened. Full visor, low venting aero helmet not good for Mrs. Wurtele in hot, humid race conditions. Good to know how much of a difference that made. I forgive the evil tester people for not telling me about the fan earlier.

So. That was the test. Lost ~3kg of sweat during that one (including a little post ice vest pee break). Silly business. They had towels on the ground ready for me this time!!

Nothing interesting else to report except that while Trev-the-running-machine was out there cruising along with lovely low HR’s, I have been sick. Monday was the worst I have felt in years. Nauseated, achy, shivering (even cuddling a hot water bottle), confined to bed all day, finding it difficult to eat or drink or move. Truly awful. I am pretty happy with how good I feel today given how bad I felt Monday. I rented “Riding Giants” to watch while spinning Monday and it never happened. Sigh. So sad.
The ultimate drag is being well enough to go to work but not well enough to train AND go to work. Maybe I’ll try swimming again tomorrow….

The pic is our kitty Manah. How I felt Monday, except less cute and serene.


~ by trevorandheather on November 28, 2007.

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