Hot Athlete Study – Test #1 for HW

Soooo it was test day numero uno for me today at UVic. Had a horrible sleep thanks to our un-acclimated-to-daylight-savings-time cat, Carman, whose fun new 5 am trick is to do a flying leap on to the bed and chirp (wonderful truncated meows that are more irritating than any alarm) until one of us gets up to open the door, or fill the bowl, or just acknowledge her existence…
Anyway, I woke up tired, swallowed my little core temperature sensor and had my usual pre-race meal (oatmeal with raspberries, maca, ground flax, and veggie protein powder), making sure to give our cat Manah lots of cuddles b/c she is wonderful and doesn’t wake us up in the morning.
I wasn’t really feeling mentally and physically up for a 20k all out effort in the heat. I do much better at longer distances and I usually take awhile to get in the groove… no groove getting into time here…
I spent 45 min sitting with an ice vest on (it was the pre-cooling treatment for me today) then 20 minutes warm up, also with the ice vest, then givin’er for 20k.
It was very odd. I don’t really do short, all-out efforts that often so I had a bit of trouble gauging how hard to go. This difficulty was exacerbated by the fact that we get no data at all except distance travelled. I usually race on feel and don’t monitor my kph or HR or watts, but I still look at the time, and there are all of these cues (that I took for granted till now) like the sound of your wheels on the pavement, the scenery moving by, the breeze on your face… a bunch of things that give you a sensation of speed.
Inside a hot little tent with no clock you have none of this and it sucks. Just leg pain and kms slowly ticking by as the puddle of sweat grows and grows.
Yes, Trevor’s prediction was spot on. There was some serious sweating… I made a puddle. Poor technicians. In fact, I lost 2.8kg of fluid from the time I arrived to the end of the test (we were allowed 250mL of water during the pre-cooling and another 250mL during the warm up, but none for the time trail. I was thirsty. There was also a little pre-time trial pee in there but it was one of those silly pre-race ones that didn’t amount to much). So 6 lbs of sweat lost during a 30? 35? 40? min time trial!!! Geepers. I guess I am pretty, grotesque, uh, I mean efficient at cooling myself!
I have been drinking like crazy all day but I feel a wee, annoying, dehydration-headache still. Fun times. The legs feel good though and it was actually satisfying to jump out of the long, slow, fall-miles comfort zone…
Can’t wait to pour over the data (no pun intended).

~ by trevorandheather on November 15, 2007.

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