Heat tests…aka Hot Athlete Study

I’ve(Trevor)been through two of the 20km TT tests now. I really don’t have much data to pass along other than it hurts, and I sweat a lot. Roughly 1.5kg of lost body weight over the course of the 20 minute warm up and 20km test. That’s a lot of water and I can feel the effort for the remainder of the day.

It’s certainly hard to gauge your effort level and I leave the test wondering if I should have gone harder earlier on. With the lack of any external readings other than how far I’ve gone and what gear I’m in I really have nothing to compare each session. My gut feeling is that the second test was much faster than the first, mainly because the gear I was pushing was slightly larger at what I think was a similar RPM.

As far as temperature goes…they may be pulling a fast one on me ’cause it certainly feels warm when I enter the tent, only to have it cool down when I start the test. I doubt that’s the case and I must just get used to it after the 45minute acclimation period. I’m hoping both of these test were done at 35 degrees, I’ll find out for sure when I go for my third and hit a massive heat wave. Could be interesting.

Heather does her first test tomorrow morning. What to expect? Sweat, lots of sweat.


~ by trevorandheather on November 14, 2007.

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