Shawnigan Half Marathon

I opted not to go with the swim cap for this race. It would have been very aerodynamic and probably put me in sight of the world record for a half marathon(haha). Had the weather been 1 degree cooler I may have gone with it, but our current 10 degrees would have left me sweating profusely under the rubber cap. Only joking of course!!

As for the race itself I was really hoping to get under the 1:15 mark. I may have slightly overestimated my endurance at the effort levels required to run that fast. I also underestimated the difficulty of the course. You’d think one overestimation and one underestimation would make for perfect estimation…not so.

I took the race out hard, I was hoping there’d be some guys who could run 1:12 or 1:13 present that could set the pace for the first little while. Turns out Hugh Trenchart and I were the fast guys this time round. I was still very intent on getting under the 1:15 mark but I really started doubting myself at 10km when my splits were only barely putting me under the goal time. With 11km to go you’d ideally like to have some buffer room, especially on this course with a monster hill in the last kilometer. I kept hammering till we hit 14km in the hopes that maybe the flat/downhill section of the course would help me pick up some time. Well, that didn’t happen, but Hugh certainly picked up some time on me, I made the decision at that point to go for the win and not think about my time. I eased off a bit till he caught me, as he pulled through I matched his pace and focused on using as little energy as possible. I’d make my move in the final KM half way up the grind of a hill. That plan worked out well and I managed to put in a good acceleration over the top. That last downhill was an all out effort trying to take the longest strides I possibly could. It was close, Hugh came in only a few seconds later, both a little over 1:16.

The question remains… HOW THE HECK DO LUKE BELL AND CRAIG ALEXANDER RUN 1:09 OFF THE BIKE AT THE VINEMAN!!! That’s just borderline insane. I mean, Alexander ran 1:12 at the 70.3 world championships in Florida so I’ve got to questions that ’07 Vineman course distance. Vineman is an incredibly difficult course and running 1:09 for even the best ‘wet runners’ in the world(which they are) would be a feat.

Now it’s on to thinking about 2008. November will be very light on the run legs, that should leave a bit more time for swimming and riding. My riding took a bit of a hit in 2007 and I’d really like to get it back to where I know it can be. It’s a long winter with the racing getting underway in April. I’ll have to really sit down and plan it out. Walking a fine line between improving your fitness and training too hard too early can be difficult in the winter. I normally hit max training volume in March, I expect the same this year. But hopefully I can hit some bigger weeks in July and early August during my build for IM Canada. I smell a leave of absence from work coming on. JonnyO…can Heather and I train with you??? 🙂


~ by trevorandheather on October 29, 2007.

One Response to “Shawnigan Half Marathon”

  1. hey hey….jsut read your blog today!!!! i should be in penticton all summer, (presently in new mexico) but if i m there, it would be AWSOME to have you both out there….keep in touch!


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