Pacific Sport – VO2 max testing and ‘Pre Cooling’ study – Week #1

This week was the preliminary testing for the study being conducted by Pacific Sport. They’re trying to see if pre-cooling our bodies core temperature will have a positive benefit on a max effort 20km Time Trial in 25 degree and 35 degree heat.

Week #1 was simply to test our VO2 max levels and get an idea of our body composition. Unfortunately they won’t release the results until we’re done the study but there are a few tidbits of information that we got from doing the initial test itself.

The outcome of my (Trevor) fat tests over the years are generally the same. I’m lucky that I don’t put on weight even when training at 50% volume, enjoying a beer, not hesitating to eat ice cream and all around just enjoying my chocolate intake. My body is messed up in that way, I probably maintain 4-5% body fat regardless of my activity level and food intake. I’m certainly not complaining and it’s probably the one genetic gift I have where I don’t have to work at improving it. Who knows though, maybe they’ll surprise me and show me an 8% value. If that’s the case I’ll just blame it on male water retention(haha).

So, on to the test: You get on a Velotron, they start it at 0 watts and it climbs up at a rate of 1 watt per 2 seconds for 30watts/minute(I think). You pedal at a certain RPM until you pretty much can’t turn the pedals over any longer. For me this happened at ~480Watts and ~16minutes. Surprisingly my HR only hit 180, but this is probably typical of an indoor static bike test that ends relatively quickly. Again, I’m only 85% sure this is correct as I wasn’t really thinking too clearly at that point. I’ll post the accurate results at the end of November when the study is over. Hopefully my VO2 is well over 70 ml/kg/min, it should be as I’ve hit those values in the past when I wasn’t in quite as good of condition. We’ll see, it also declines with age, and it’s been 5 years since I’ve done a VO2 test.

The meat and potatoes part of the study starts next week for the following 4 weeks. Each time they’ll measure our performance over a 20km max effort TT, varying only the temperature and ‘pre cooling’ routine. They’ll be monitoring heart rate, sweat rate, core temperature, skin temperature, thermal comfort, thermal strain and rate of perceived exertion. Lovely. That’s a lot of data to go over and I’m looking forward to seeing the results. Particularly the VO2 information and the sweat rate values.

~ by trevorandheather on October 26, 2007.

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