Shawnigan Lake Half Marathon

Prep for the Shawnigan Lake Half Marathon has been coming along quite well. I haven’t been loading up the volume, but focusing more on intensity and speed. Hopefully the long runs and races I’ve done throughout the year will provide enough endurance for the 21.1km distance. Shouldn’t be an issue. The issue is going to be running as fast as I possibly can for those 21.1km’s. It’s not the quickest course in the world with plenty of rolling hills, but I still think my goal of sub 1:15 is attainable. It’s running sub 1:15 after a 90km bike that will hopefully be reached sometime in the not so distant future.

The switch in mind set and training for the past few weeks has been a pleasant change. Most of the year is spent well below my threshold zone, hitting these painful upper limits over and over has triggered something. I’m definitely running faster and stronger than I have been all year, at the expense of my riding and swimming for sure. Getting lots of rest has been key to hammering these ‘new’ workouts more than a couple times per week. I’ve found a new ass muscle that has never been worked this hard before. I still haven’t thought of a name for this muscle, maybe I’ll call it Big Tiff. My IM (Indurain Muscle) is the only other muscle I’ve named…kinda weird for sure, but just one of those things. Try and find the right picture of Miguel Indurain and you may be able to see the most impressive ‘IM’ muscle ever recorded. It’s the little V at the top of your quad, running from your hip flexor area( Gotta work on my anatomy, I’m sure it must have a real name. :)) I’ve seen a picture where there was actually a gap between his quad and shorts that you stick a carrot through…I decided to name it. True Story.


~ by trevorandheather on October 17, 2007.

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