Vancouver International Half Iron

I figured those two (Chris Brown and Andriy Yasterbov) would be hard to beat, to top if off I had a pretty rough time on the run. Came out of the water 1st though!!!!! It was an ocean swim and the current was ridiculous. On the last turn buoy coming for home the three leaders I was drafting off of took the turn too sharply and started heading over to the wrong beach. I noticed their error, stopped and looked to make sure, then just gunned if for the swim finish. It was awesome. They got back to me by the exit, and the beach run was really long so they caught me while taking of the wetsuits before the timing mat, the actual timing split doesn’t show that I was first out of the water…but I was. Haha. And there’s a picture to prove it. 🙂 Sorry, I’m just very happy to have overcome some swim demons and finally have some confidence in the water this year.

On to the bike it was pouring rain and cold. I was totally frozen for the first 60km till it dried out a bit. The legs didn’t feel great but I lead the first lap just to see if Andriy and Chris would hang on or try to ditch me. They just stayed behind ’till the second lap when Chris took over the pace making, Andriy was playing the week rider even though he wasn’t. He totally toyed with us the whole way. 3rd lap I decided to gun it on the UBC hill and see if they’d stay with me…they did and I ended up setting the pace for the remaining 25km. My legs were a bit toasted from the effort and cold by the time the ride was over but I wanted to give it a go anyway. Plus I was super hungry, I didn’t eat enough given the fact that I was also shivering for 1.5hrs. Normally my ~800 calories for a half Iron bike is plenty, not today. I was already pretty empty when we got off the bike.

None-the-less I went out hard and tried to hang on to Chris and Andriy. That didn’t last long and I just had to go my own pace, staying about 40seconds back for the next 13kms. Then I totally hit the wall and knew I wouldn’t catch them even if they cracked over the final half lap. At that point I just got into a comfortable pace and downed a couple Powergels to get the energy back. I was a bit worried about being caught from behind but Heather kept saying I was still putting time into him, nothing to worry about. Even so, I was still worried given what happened to me at IM Canada. I cruised in the last 3km and started to feel good again once the calories from the gels hit my muscles. Decent end to a good day.

All in all it would have been hard to stay with those two even on a perfect day but it was great to be first out of the water and first into the second transition. Andriy was just playing possum all day, he didn’t care about a fast race, he just wanted the win and saved it for the last 4km. Probably a good plan but a little bit cheap. Sneaky Russian. Haha, Ukrainian I guess. Really nice guy as I now know.

~ by trevorandheather on September 17, 2007.

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