Recovery from IMCAD and few shots

Recovery is going really well. I (Trevor) took a full 4 days of nothing before I ventured back into the pool. Even then it was just a shorty with Heather to get the blood flowing. Saturday; Heather and I took it nice and easy. In the evening we rode out to a local track to watch a few of the local Marathoners lay down a 10km prep race. They hauled ass pretty good with 3 guys under the 31:00 minute mark. First coming in at 30:11. You can follow a bit more coverage at . Sunday was my first day back on the run legs. I wouldn’t really call it a run, more like a jog for 30minutes. At the 20minute mark the legs were hurting, after 30 I needed a solid nap before going to work. Good to get the muscles stretch out though.

Here’s a few more pictures from Ironman Canada courtesy of David McColm. Definitely take a look at his site if you get a chance, he has some wicked slide shows of various triathlons around the area.


~ by trevorandheather on September 4, 2007.

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