The drive to Ironman Canada

River swimming at Bromely Rock in the Similkameen

During the drive up to IM Canada we were on the lookout for a good river swim location. Luckily we held off until we came to Bromley Rock along the Hope Princeton Highway. The river speed was just perfect with plenty of eddies and varying intensities. We could slowly inch our way upstream, then turn around and rip it downstream being careful not to smash our heads into any of the boulders. At the top We’d hit some nice white water, I was imagining a mass swim start as I tried to stay in the foam. We only let ourselves swim for 30minutes, it was fairly intense and such a good time. We could have done that all day but with the race only a few days away we had to cut our enjoyment short.

~ by trevorandheather on August 30, 2007.

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