Iroman Canada 2007 – Trevor’s race report

Trevor at the start of the marathon

I’m almost in disbelief that I managed a 56minute swim. I would have been happy with a 59…56 wasn’t even thought of. Especially given the choppy day on Okanagan Lake. I started on the far left and took it out hard. After about 400meters I started cutting over to the main group and just tucked myself in. I was finally comfortable enough in the water to use a little bit of aggression and get the feet I wanted. After rounding the second turn and starting the long return leg home I felt the need to pass a couple people and started to weave my way through. It was a good plan and almost fell off my feet when I saw the clock at 56minutes. What a way to start a day.

It was so nice being with a group of cyclists that I actually wanted to be around. Rather than having to play catch up I was able to chill out all the way to Richter Pass. I didn’t over exert myself for those first 60km and I knew it would come back in my favor later in the day. I focused on taking in some solid food and planning the remainder of the day, hydration and salt tablets the focus of my intake. With about 10km to go to Osoyoos we were getting a wicked side wind and I knew at that point we’d be in for some trouble on the long straight stretch towards Keremeos and the out-and-back section. I made the decision to start my effort about half way up Richter pass. This led me past most of the remaining age groupers by the turn into the full on headwind. It was painful to look at my speedometer during the next 30 kilometers. I don’t think it ever went above 35km/hr on the flats, probably even went as low at 20 in some of those gusts. Funny enough I was kind of enjoying it. I’d afford a glance behind now and again and could see the gap growing so I just kept holding steady, drinking and eating whenever possible. By the out and back section I had a better idea of where everyone was. It’s funny how close people seem on that section. It’s a bit deceiving and had me doubting my effort level of the past 1.5hrs. Once we hit the Yellow Lake climb I ramped it up one more notch at took over the Amateur race lead. I could tell the current leader was fading badly so I just gave him the wave and continued on with my own race. I love the crowd of people on that climb. It’s so great to have people cheering for you at that point of the race. On the final wind blasted stretch to T2 I was starting to worry about my legs. They felt a bit done so rather than push through the burn I eased off quite significantly and took in some final nutrition for the run. It’s hard to say whether that was a good plan or not. Did I make time overall or lose it???

Going into the run I was happy with how the legs felt right away. My goal for the run was to catch and not be caught. But, seeing as I had no one to catch I had to focus on not being caught. My first mind set was being the first amateur to the turn around. I made it my goal to come to that point leading the age group race. I held a nice steady pace, taking my electrolytes, drinking water and whatever CarboPro1200 I could stomach. I ended up starting with the coke a bit earlier than planned. Probably around mile 5 or so…damn that stuff is great. Coming out of the turn-around I took a back split to second place which read 3:30. He was in an older age group but I wanted the overall amateur race. Given the fact that I was running uphill for that 3:30 I figured a 6minute gap would be a fair enough estimate. Third place was more like a 7minute gap. I was feeling quite strong at that point so I was very confident that I was still putting time into people rather than being caught. From the top of the hills all the way to the 35km marker I held a nice pace. I remember doing some calculations at that point. But I don’t know what numbers I was using because I really had no idea how far back second place was. That back split was about an hour earlier so I really couldn’t have had an accurate guestimate. I picked 8 minutes as my number to use in my foggy calculations. 7km’s to go… 8minute gap. He had to run faster than 1minute per km to catch me. “Not possible” I told myself. Coming in to town I was feeling rough, my stride was gone, I just wanted to be finished. Finally with about 500meters to go I rounded the final turn with the feeling of an assured win. I even took a brief walk, then I saw buddy coming flying down the road…He caught me with 200meters to go. Un – freaking – believable. I still don’t know what kind of gap I had at 7km to go. He very well could have taken over 1minute per km out of me. Surely I could have kept the lead had I had even one split in the last 3 kilometers. Now that my mind is clear I’m really in disbelief that I allowed myself to get that comfy with the lead. I guess that’s why I’m racing amateur and not Pro. Could you imagine if I had lost the ACTUAL win in that way. Ouch!! And you know it’s happened to someone. Haha, it’s funny when I think about it.

All well, finally under 9.5 hrs on a really tough windy day. One of my major goals for the year. Plus a 25-29 Age Group victory in an Ironman. I really can’t complain. I just wish Heather had had a solid day as well. She’s had a frustrating, injury plagued year.

Later all.


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