Time for an early Taper…

Heather about to push Trevor out of the way before an Open Water swim finish at Thetis Lake

Alright, a little update post Ironman build is in order.

Heather is still training a reasonably high level. I have actually started backing it off quite significantly after the final Epic day last Saturday. I like to start a Taper with a good 3 days super easy. I find it gets me recharged and motivated for the final couple weeks of a focused Taper. Heather felt the need to go at a good level for a few more days before going in to Taper mode. Sometimes we have battles with training distances for a particular week. She usually gets me on the swim mileage and I often get her on the run/bike mileage. This last Sunday though, after our nice long 240km ride on Saturday, she decided to head out on the bike to crack the 500km mark for the week. I’m sure it wasn’t the ‘I’ve got to surpass Trevor’ mindset that set her out on that ride. It was more likely the goal of getting to 500. The 500km mark of cycling in a week is a huge barrier and can rarely be reached when working full time. Not to mention swimming and running too. It was great to see her through that level, I’ll accept defeat on the bike last week. I’m proud of her for smashing that 500k on tired legs. Watch out Pro Women at IM Canada, you better hope you’ve been running ‘cause you’re going to have a VERY large gap to close.

My (Trevor) build went very well, I put in 3 very solid weeks. 2 of them had biggest weekly volumes ever, one with a stretch of 18hours in 3 days and 24.5 in 5 days. I’m glad to be in a bit of recovery mode at the moment, I really couldn’t handle another week of that with work as well. I’m now really looking forward to ramping up the intensity. It really mixes up the training and I have a bit more free time…which I should probably use for more swimming. Although, that pool can be pretty hard to get out of bed for most days.

Ironman Canada ’07 is going to be my best yet, I can feel it. With a solid nutrition plan I’m hoping for a major breakthrough in the marathon that has so far left me feeling like a joker.

I’m not sure what Heather’s Taper is going to look like. I’m sure coach Clint Lien will set her on the right course.

One of my favorite workouts to do during a taper is the Velodrome Run/Ride combo. You can really work on some decent transitions and running hard off the bike. I usually save this for Half Ironmans and the speedier races but who knows, if it’s a nice day I’ll probably switch up the plan to include the velodrome. It’s a great place to lie in the sun after a workout.

On another note, I was actually really thinking about how great it is to have a spouse that loves to train as hard as I do. We’re able to push ourselves to limits that we otherwise may not see. I’m sure we’ve both had numerous days where we gotten out the door simply because we see the other training hard. I hope Ironman Canada treats us both well, we both know the training has been done.

Hope to see you there. Trevor


~ by trevorandheather on August 7, 2007.

One Response to “Time for an early Taper…”

  1. Hey slacker, are you too busy training to give us some updates!!!! Come on!!!! Good luck at IMC to both of you.

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