Perfect timing for a rest week

As we move into a good week of rest Victoria has been hit with some awesome weather.  Perfect timing for some relaxing on the beach and fun times without a thought of training.  We managed to put in a nice little lake swim today to shake off some of the fatigue from the IM 70.3 in Lake Stevens.  Probably a couple more days of just taking it easy, letting everything recover completely before moving in to some IM Canada builds.


I had a few ideas for training that I really wanted to jot down so that I don’t forget…


#1. Run out to the Sooke Potholes (30km from our house), cool off in the river and take the bus home.

#2. Ride to Cowichan lake and back…Epic for sure.

#3. Tow my Co-Workers around Thetis lake on their air mattress.  Not the greatest for technique but I tried it a bit today and it was great for the arms.


I’m keen to get training again but I know if I don’t give myself some time to rest this week I won’t make it through the planned 3 week build.  There’s going to be some crazy hours put in there.


Later yo!!


~ by trevorandheather on July 11, 2007.

One Response to “Perfect timing for a rest week”

  1. If I find out either of you have towed anyone around on a raft there will be hell to pay – at the very least there will be heavy mocking.

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