Off to Lake Stevens – IM 70.3

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this blog. I figure my loyal readers probably amount to Zero. I don’t even read the thing so I haven’t forgot to count myself in on that. But alas, I may as well give Zero something to read.

Of the three races I’ve done this year I’ve managed to rip off a good one two weeks ago. The New Balance Half Iron here in Victoria BC always brings out the best in me. My swim was a reasonable 28:32, the bike was a 2:10 over a hilly 80km’s. Then on to the run I managed a speedy 1:15 over a 20km dirt trail run. Jonathan Caron came home with the win, then myself with a second place about 5minutes back. It was a good motivator after the disastrous IM Arizona and even worse Half Iron in Oliver. Coming up this weekend Heather and I are heading to IM 70.3 Lake Stevens. Everything is feeling really good and I’m hoping for a fast run split and a sub 4:25 overall time. Looking at past times, even Luke Bell was only able to pull in a 1:21 run last year. I’m not sure if that was due to a tough course, hot day, or lack of competition pushing him to the finish. He finished with a sizeable gap over second place. Even so, I’m going into it with the goal of holding a 3:50/km pace. That would put me slightly over 1:20 for the 21.1km so maybe with a little extra effort I can squeeze me under that mark. Either way, if I can push hard to the finish I’ll be happy. Looks like it will be a hot one so electrolytes and a ton of water on the bike will be a huge factor in my race. I really neglect the pure water and this seems to be what has limited many of run performances. My stomach just can’t handle the Caloric/electrolyte sport drinks. The sugar just doesn’t go anywhere.

This week has been a bit of a taper after some really solid training over the last two weeks. Two days really easy, then a good speed ride/run workout on the velodrome before work today. Tomorrow I’ll give it another kick on the treadmill and a light swim. Friday we can hopefully spin out the legs on the course. Saturday being reserved for a bit of everything and plenty of rest.

I’ll check in post race.


~ by trevorandheather on July 5, 2007.

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