2 weeks…going on 3

It’s been awhile since my last post. Maybe this whole blog thing is starting to lose its appeal. All well, I’ll plug away with a post every now and again. I’m hoping to get a website going soon enough but, as of yet, have held off paying for the domain name. I’m also waiting to hear from my employer in a hopes that they’ll be in to giving me some sort of referral compensation when I send clients their way.

Training has been great, I usually end up putting in two, sometimes three great days during the week. The other 4 usually end up being some sort of ‘logging the miles’ type of thing. Those days usually max out at 3, and more often than not, only hit 2hrs. The great days are indeed great though. Friday is usually my day to train at least 6 hrs and hit up all three sports in some manner. My first Epic day was two weeks ago… 3000m swim/ 174km ride/ 10km run. It was awesome. The following day I managed a great long run day totaling 34km. The week following that weekend has been a little less than stellar but I made up for it with three good days Friday to Sunday, hitting my longest training run day ever. Two runs totalling 39km on tired legs from a friday long ride, I was pretty messed by the end of it.

There seems to be one day during the week where I completely lose all motivation. Come Sunday when I total up the weekly miles I usually kick myself for that one day of weakness. This week has been much like that. I was short on the 10km swim goal by 100meters (not sure why I didn’t just put in the extra 100), short on the 70km run goal by 3km (even with a 39km day on sat), luckily I topped out the 300km ride goal…barely.

I find it hard to drop one sport and focus solely on another. I’m really going to try hard and put in a huge week this week before starting a few days of down time. Generally to get to 400km riding or 90km running I have to completely abandon all hopes of decent mileage in the other sport. I really want to hit those marks this week and I have a feeling I’ll need to skip most swim workouts. If I can get to 5000m in the pool and hit those ride/run marks I would call it a success. Next week would then become a swim focus while I rest the legs. I’ll decide tomorrow morning…weather has a huge say in what my daily training regime will be.

Mileage the past two weeks:
Week 1
– Run: 68km
– Bike: 305km
– Swim: 11.5km

Week 2
– Run: 67km
– Bike: 303km
– Swim: 9.9km

Week 3(hopeful)
– Run: 90km
– Bike: 400km
– Swim: 5.0km


~ by trevorandheather on February 26, 2007.

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