Beyond Genetics…

On one of my favorite run routes I always pass a discarded biology text book called ‘Beyond Genetics’. I really like seeing that book half way through my run. It makes me think of what I’m doing to my body…trying to reach my maximum physical potential in endurance sport. Maybe even going beyond what my genetic makeup can offer. Is that possible? To a point I guess. Can we really change that type of physical limiter? Maybe not, but there must be a way to get around whatever genetic limits we have. Maybe focussing on the genetic gifts that we have can help overcome any limiters that may hold us back.

But anyway, it’s not there anymore. Too bad, so sad. I still love that run.

I’m feeling great after the race on Sunday, legs are turning over easy and quick after a short 1.5hr ride in the rain. The calf is a bit sore but nothing major. I had a massive breakfast with Heather, she took the morning off of work for Valentines day and we set out on our ride together.

I’m still debating what to do tomorrow, I want to be reasonably fresh heading into the big day on Friday so may just go for a shortish run and clean my bike before work.

~ by trevorandheather on February 14, 2007.

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