Cedar 12k…

Man that was a painful race. I woke up this morning feeling the tiredness in my legs from a solid two days of training. A good long ride on Friday with a 30min transition run. Then a fast 13km run Saturday A.M. followed by a longish swim and another 2.5hr ride/T-run. I knew I would be tired for the race but couldn’t justify taking an easy day before hand. I gave myself a quick massage race morning to get things going and actually felt quite fired up by race time.

As for the race I would have to say I am very happy with the time. 41:58 giving me slightly under 3:30min/km average. I tried not to set any benchmarks for myself but I knew I wouldn’t be happy with anything slower than 3:40/km. It was one of the most painful running races I’ve done. I may have been a bit fast for the first 5km, going through in 16:49. That left me a bit low on ummmphhh for the final hill at km 9 where someone passed me and opened a sizeable gap very quickly. I held it together reasonably well but it certainly did not feel easy. A great way to start up the season though.

Avg HR was 170
Max was 186
Not bad for my first day over 165 BPM since last July


~ by trevorandheather on February 11, 2007.

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