Mental Problems

I do believe it’s not the best strategy to be thinking of a day off when you have three hard days of training ahead of you. This 12 day training block started off so so good. My major goal was to run everyday on top of the normal swim and bike training that I would be doing. Unfortunately I had to skip the run on Monday(6th day) in order to get in a long enough swim. All in all the legs really needed the day off anyway. Although, they didn’t seem to recover much…today was the 9th day of consecutive training and I would have to say I’m starting to get worn down. I usually start to get a feeling in my chest, it’s hard to describe but it’s how I know things have been verging on my limits. Last Friday-Sunday seems to be hanging over my head and adding some extra weight to my daily routine. Not that that’s a bad thing, training tired (to a point)is important for reaching that next level. I can hopefully avoid culling any planned workouts for the weekend by getting a good sleep and a healthy hearty breakfast tomorrow. Overall it’s primarily mental fatigue, I find myself getting out the door in the morning about 30minutes later than I should be. In turn this gives me less time to get ready for work and leaves little time for getting enough food in the system before starting the bike commute. I even scrapped the 30min extra ride today in favor of the bus. A mentally weak decision.

I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I should count my 2 x30min commute to and from work as training. However, I do ride a reasonably good bike…in spandex…on the road…at a decent pace. Lately I have been throwing this on the training log as I feel 30 minutes post serious training is still a good session. The evening ride home can be tough as well since it comes at the tail end of a long day. I guess as long as I don’t start substituting my normal rides for commutes I should be OK.

As for the training: Today and Yesterday were easy days on paper but they certainly weren’t that easy to get through. Yesterday was a 15km run and a 3km swim. Today was 2hr ride and a minimum 10km run. I had to scale down the ride to just over 1.5hrs when I got a flat tire. The run ended up being the 10km minimum. Minus the total 1hr commute that I usually get, the total for the day was less than 2.5hrs. Weak. Haha, thank god today is my Friday, I can refocus tomorrow morning and give it a good push until Sunday.

And the January Numbers:
Total training time was just over 81hrs…my biggest volume month ever. This is significant because my ride miles were about 20% less than last January. To make up for that I had to increase my run volume by about 30% over a year ago…hitting almost 1,400.00 minutes of running. For me, that’s huge, and combined with this week’s 100+ run kms I am confident that my Ironman Arizona run splits will notice the difference. Now for the bike miles…should come back quickly.

~ by trevorandheather on February 1, 2007.

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