Two coffee morning

You know it’s going to be a hard week when you have a two coffee morning on a Tuesday. I was feeling quite sluggish this A.M. and just couldn’t get the body (or maybe it was my mind) moving. So, I fired a MASSIVE cup of coffee. Technically speaking it was still a one cup morning, but the volume of liquid intake certainly made it a two cup start. I love coffee. Oh sweet sweet coffee. If only it had a hydrating effect.

Anyway, after the caffeine hit my system I was good to go. I even managed to throw on some laundry and clean the kitchen. On tap for today was a hard 1hr on the trainer and a hilly 1.5hr run, followed by a 30min spin to work. The trainer was hard, lots of one legged intervals and big gear shhhhtuuufff. Kept the HR Aerobic though.

I wanted to try a new route on my run. I tested some fairly aggressive trails around the Goldstream/Finlayson area near my home, maybe a bit steep for what I would call an aerobic run. As such about 20minutes were a fast hike. Still hard on the legs though, especially coming back down. I think that downhill on trails is great for hardening up the legs…teaching them how to behave in the last 15km of an Ironman Marathon. Not that I’ve ever had a good finish to an Ironman Marathon. Maybe no one has to tell you the truth. But, the training has never been as run specific as it has this year. Plus I’m finally on the ball with my race nutrition. Ironman Arizona is going to be amazing.

~ by trevorandheather on January 30, 2007.

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