Long days

Nothing like a couple good days on the bike to tire out the legs. The sun has returned and so have the dry roads. Finally.

I was originally thinking I would go up to the Mill Bay 10km race today but I opted for some longer days instead. I really don’t like going to those races when I’m tired. When I race, even if it’s a just a local 10km running race, I really want to hammer out a good time. But I opted for higher volume weekend that my legs really needed. Keeping in mind the ultimate goal of Ironman Arizona is key and going to the race would have blown a couple things out of the water.

-Number 1 being three great days of training that would have been scaled down to decent. Leaving my mileage for the week at a minimum.

-Number 2 being my Aerobic HR zones. I’m really doing my absolute best to stick to the Mark Allen methodology of training…Never go above your aerobic HR zone. For me that’s pretty close to 158 BPM or so. On the bike I keep that zone at 150, and generally hang around there for running as well. Although, I can get it up to 158 pretty easily when I’m running on the hills. Over the last three months I’ve noticed a huge improvement and don’t want to break those zones just yet. I’m thinking I’ll hit up the Cedar 12km in February to give myself a test.

As for training this weekend:
Friday – 145km bike, started with the flats around the water and Lands End Rd, finished hard with some hills around Durance/Finlayson/Malahat and a final loop around Kangaroo. Total time was 5:10 and a good 38minute transition run afterwards. Honestly I was getting a little woosy by the end. Mainly due to lack of nutrition on the bike.

Saturday – Started with a short 50minute run in the morning. Feeling super tired when I steped out of bed. The run got things going. I then jumped back on the bike for a decent 95km ride. Legs were absolutely shelled by the end of it, and I’m surprised how tired my arms are from being in the aero position. I had originally planned to run off the bike again but decided to save that for another day. Opted for a short swim to loosen things up. Great decision.

Sunday – Heather and I had planned on swimming with Team X this morning. When the alarm went off we both lay there waiting for the other to suggest staying in bed. To my relief she made the call. We did go for a great 2hr hill run instead. I got home just in time to scarf down some fruit and yogurt before heading to work. What a great way to end 3 days of hard training. Now it’s time to roll into my biggest run week ever. Legs felt great after the hard days of training. I’m happy and feeling good about ripping up Ironman Arizona in April. A few epic weeks in February and March and I’ll be supremely confident I can pull off something special. Sub 9:20 for sure.


~ by trevorandheather on January 28, 2007.

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