Hello Karma

Monday was a wet wet ride to work. Heather thankfully picked me up when it was time to call it a day. I put the cross bike on the roof of the car and jumped in to the passenger seat. Once we pulled in to our parking stall at home I had the sickening feeling that I left my keys on the roof of the car. You know the feeling where you are absolutely positive you’ve just created a really big problem for yourself. That key chain has everything from work keys to bike locks on it, to lose it would have been really freaking bad. UNBELIEVABLY, they had wedged themselves into the corner of the roof rack. I really can’t explain how this is possible. We drove at least 15km, reaching speeds in excess of 100km/hr, around corners, up and down hills. Yet they were still sitting on the roof when I got out the car. I’m still in disbelief 3 days later. The funny thing is, I really have to say that it was the surplus of Karma I had going for me. I’m not usually the kind of person to hand out spare change to our massive homeless community in Victoria. Today though, this young guy was looking positively hungry and cold so I bought him a subway sandwich. I can’t help but think this gesture had something to do with the key situation later in the evening.

Training this week has been a bit slow. Monday and Tuesday I wanted to use for a bit of rest and get caught up on those little things that you put off when training and working all day. I managed to get in a decent weights session on Monday, then a great introduction to acupuncture on Tuesday. I’m not completely sold on the procedure but will give it another test next Friday. Today was a great day of riding. I was finally able to take the TT bike out for a good rip around the water and part of the Lands End loop. All in all it was 93km, 3hrs 10minutes. Plus a ride to work and will now ride home again for a total of ~125 or so. Decent, I haven’t lok at my HR data for the main ride but I think it should be somewhere around 130 avg. I made sure not to go above 155 on the Mt. Work/highlands climbs but held a steady pace. Motivation was at an all time high given that I actually got to touch dry road today. That’s about all I can squeeze in during a week day. If I were to cut the nights sleep back to 7hrs I could get in another hour but I don’t really think it’s necessary. Maybe for a couple days during some big weeks, 6-4 weeks out from an Ironman.

Plans for the week are to break the 350-400km mark of riding. Ideally I can get in two long rides with transition runs on both days this weekend. Total run miles will be pretty low but needed a bit of a refresher so that I can put in a good 100km next week.


~ by trevorandheather on January 24, 2007.

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