Johnny Savasana

Given the rough week of weird work schedules, icy roads, and painful crashes. I still ended up with some decent mileage. Nothing crazy but definitely consistent in all three sports:
-9.9km swimming
-255km riding
-76km running
Things are feeling good, my longest run is still only 20km but I really don’t see any problems going up to 25 and 30km by the end of January. I’ll hit the 100km/week run mark next week. It’s the riding that I’m starting to get a little concerned with. So far I’ve topped out at 4:15…not ideal. I would like to get in 5 hours on the race bike this week but we’ll have to see how the weather is on my weekend. I’m going to ease off the running this week which should give me a bit more time to get close to 350km of riding. Ideally I’ll hit 400 but that may be asking for two sunny days in a row…something that doesn’t seem likely.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s first time visit to the acupuncture clinic. Should be interesting, I’ve got a few little twangs that are causing some minor discomfort but nothing major. The main reason for trying it out is to shake out some of these crazy knots I have in my legs. I’ve had them for years and no amount of massage has been able to ease the tension.

But yeah, other than some decent training, work has been dragging me down a bit this week. A colleague is on holiday in Vegas so I’m getting slammed with weird hours. I still had time to squeeze in this post during my dinner break though.


~ by trevorandheather on January 22, 2007.

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