Winter in Victoria

Ok, I can understand if there’s a bit of snow during the winter months. After all, we are Canadian and this seems to be one of the things we are known for. But, this is Victoria, and I’ve had enough. Mother nature has destroyed many great training days this winter. Not just with snow, but rain, wind and of course a concoction of all three. It’s a bit extreme. I try to look on the bright side and see that I managed one of my longer swim weeks ever last week. Swimming has been a weakness and getting to the pool is something that I certainly need to do more often. However, one can only handle so many indoor roller rides. Never before in my entire life of training for cycling or triathlon have I done a roller ride over 1.5hrs. Mainly because there’s never been the need and I think it’s the most mundane way to spend your training time. I’ve always been able to ride outside for at least a couple hours, then top it off with a little roller ride. Don’t get me wrong, rollers are a great way to fine tune some cycling muscles but as far as trying to train the endurance end of things I would rather cut my toenails. Something I should do anyway now that I think of it…More on this later. This year though, I’ve come close to 2.5hrs staring at a wall listening to music. Not my idea of a good training day. Heather and I almost bought a computrainer last year. We’ve thought about it again this year. It’s still a bit pricy for our books. And to top it off, we live in freaking VICTORIA!!!!. HELLO, can we please have at least two days of dry roads for crying out loud.

Anyway, this week I had great plans of hitting a 100k run week. It’s Wednesday today and I’m at 35km…still do-able but I think we may take off for the weekend and cross country ski on the mainland. It’s supposed to get quite cold and it’s doubtful this snow will disappear in time for a ride on the cross bike. May as well use the opportunity to get out and have some fun on the skis. I would normally be freaking out right now, seeing as IM Arizona is only 3 months away and I haven’t even hit a 4.5hr ride. But for some reason I have a confidence that my riding legs will come back quickly. The run training I’ve been doing this year has far surpassed prior years. This has given me a great Aerobic base, I can really notice the difference in heart rates from 1 month ago. I’m now running 4:30min/km’s at 148-150 HR as opposed to my 5min/km’s back in early December. This low HR training is new to me this year. I’ve always been the type of guy to hammer all my training sessions. Not hesitating to smash out some crazy fast, max heart rate, hill runs and rides in past winters. It’s a great way to get in shape quickly but definitely doesn’t leave much room for improvement. Gordo Byrne has some great articles on training slow, great reading if you get a chance. Personally, I’m loving it and have enjoyed my training much more. The consistency has been unbelievable and I’m looking forward to seeing the PB times come flowing in.

Skiing this weekend should be a blast. I’ll let you know how it goes.


~ by trevorandheather on January 10, 2007.

One Response to “Winter in Victoria”

  1. I feel your pain. I just got back from a treadmill session and some water running. Some people would call it beautiful, snowy, happy happy joy joy, majestic-landscape-creating, eye-bedazzling weather, but I call it shite. Were I some where like say, I dunno, Silver Star, I might feel different. Alas, I am not, and for all training intents and purposes this wintry bliss sucks ass.

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